Talmud Bavli

Oz Vehadar's undertaking of the great project of re-editing the Talmud Bavli - an undertaking recently completed - undoubtedly represents one of the most positive and important revolutions in the Torah world over the past few centuries. The love of Torah - our hidden treasure - and the yearning to learn it, have always been firmly entrenched in the Jewish people, and today, thank G-d, this love is ever the more evident in the thousands of batei-midrash, yeshivas, kollelim, and Jewish homes around the world. However, before the tremendous achievement of the Oz Vehadar institute, there had never been the opportunity of learning from a talmud so precise, so clear, both user-friendly and sophisticated, allowing both a basic level of comprehension and an advanced level of in-depth study.

By purchasing an Oz Vehadar Talmud Bavli set, you too can add another Jewish home to this revolution. An Oz Vehadar gemara makes for the finest gift, thanks to their high-quality design and visual splendor. Oz Vehadar represents uncompromising quality and dedication - a message which comes across very clearly to the relative or friend receiving this gift. But what's more, the acquisition of the Talmud allows another Jew the opportunity to join the tens of thousands of other learners across the world bent on attaining the true message of the Torah. This higher veracity is due to the intensive editorial work of the Oz Vehadar editorial team, which has cleared away many thousands of obstacles and produced the most precise and deepest gemara possible today. The acquisition of a new Talmud set clearly demonstrates an infinite respect for Torah learning, and an insistence on learning at the highest possible level.

The centerpiece and greatest pride of the Oz Vehadar institute is its majestic new Talmud Bavli, re-edited and laid out as magnificently as possible, using old manuscripts and editions, from cover to cover including all commentators, both Rishonim and Acharonim, and a new department called ‘hagahot vetsiunim’, basically a critical apparatus listing corrections and emendations from the Vilna Shas, as wells as tens of thousands of notes and references to other places in the gemara.

The gemara’s text in the Oz Vehadar Talmud bavli has been re-edited and refined meticulously, and the same attention has been devoted to the traditional commentators on the page. All these – including the Rosh and his own commentators, the Maharsha, Maharam and Maharshal, the 2nd edition of the Maharsha, the Maharam Schiff, the new Yalkut Mefarshim, the Rif and his commentators, the Mordechai, and the Tosefta with its commentators – have been re-edited, with beginning words set in boldface, and with references and notes added. To these have been added as well hundreds of compositions and departments for different tractates, such as: the Tosfos HaRosh, Tosfos Rabbeinu Perets and Tosfos Rid, Chidushei HaBach from a manuscript copy, Sefer HaAruch, Mishnayos with their mefarshim, Likutei Rashi, the complete Torah Or, Sefer HaMikraos, the complete Masores HaShas, and the complete Ein Mishpat. Individual tractates have received their special commentaries, such as: the authentic Rashi for Mo’ed Katan, the first edition (from a manuscript copy) Rashi commentary for Kesubos, additional Tosfos from a manuscript copy for Nedarim, Tosfos Yeshanim also from a manuscript to Yevamos, Nedarim, and Gittin, Tosfos Shanz for Sotah, Sefer HaYashar and Avnei Nezer for Kiddushin, Asifas Zkeinim and Likutei Halachos for seder Kodashim, and countless other commentaries and compositions, some of which appear now for the first time from manuscript copies.

Furthermore, a comprehensive and insightful introduction to the Talmud Bavli has been added, which describes the evolving history of the different editions, various commentaries, and many other topics.  The Oz Vehadar Talmud Bavli is printed in various formats, including a normal medium-sized edition, a comprehensive medium-sized edition, a leather-bound chasanim edition, a comprehensive yeshiva edition, shas peninim, shas vetalmudo beyado, shas uvelechtecha baderech, and shas iyun.