Abir Yaakov

As Oz Vehadar's industrious editors overhaul the entire Jewish library, refining and purifying its every part from errors and obscurities, a special effort has been made in the case of the kabalah department - the sod, or secret part of the Torah. Oz Vehadar's tremendous project has so far focused on publishing the complete works of Maran the Abir Yaakov, the tzaddik Rabbi Yaakov Abuhatzeira zts"l, and of his grandson Maran Ateret Roshenu, the tzaddik Rabbi David Abuhatzeira zts"l. Their books have now been endowed with much-needed commentaries, explaining their lofty ideas and introducing the learner into the fundamentals of the secret lore. The tzaddik R' David Chai Abuhatzeira shlita encouraged and directed the editorial and interpretative process, which was entrusted to dozens of G-d-fearing talmidei chachamim, and which has helped remove many printing mistakes from these books. The sacred task they have been entrusted with involves the publication of these works in the clearest, most precise way, and the preparation of a commentary. This commentary is to be such as to be comprehensible to anybody, even those yet uninitiated in the secrets of the kabalah, allowing them to plumb the depths of the holy ideas of the Abuhatseira dynasty's illustrious rabbis. The commentary draws on many other kabalah books, including those of the Arizal's students, the Zohar, and more. Altogether, thousands of references and corrections have been added to elucidate the rabbis' teachings.