Talmud Bavli Oz Vehadar - Shas Kis - Pocket Edition

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6.5 inches

The famous and well-known Shas, with all the additions on the page, glosses and grades, quality pages and more, all in small brochures and booklets, very convenient for trips, touring and ideal as an additional set for in the house use... Reprinted the entire form of the page, Rashi and Tosfot Enlightening and written in a clear and pleasing way. The pocket sized shas is very suitable for carrying to Shiurim. It is highly recommended for any time that you're "outside the beit midrash", it's impossible to take the big gemara everywhere, and a volume with several tractates together is too heavy sometimes. The booklets Shas Oz Vehadar Kis will be excellent for those who walk on the roads, the student who returns home, the soldier who walks in the army, the friend who goes to the wedding, and more .