Ohr Hachaim

Chamisha Chumshei Torah – "Ohr HaChaim" by Rabbenu Chaim ben Atar Ztk"l

For the first time, a thorough, comprehensive commentary on the teachings of Rabbenu Chaim ben Atar was compiled. The commentary is comprised of two sections: The Me'orei Ohr commentary – explaining the literal meaning of his words clearly and briefly, and the Me'orei HaChaim commentary – a collection of the sources for his teachings, comparisons to his other books, and various insights and remarks explaining the deeper meaning of his ideas.

The body of the actual text by the Ohr HaChaim was closely proofread according to the first print, punctuated, complemented with thousands of references, and divided into sections.

The explanation of the Ohr HaChaim's is printed near the pessukim, under the revised Targum Onkelus and Rashi's commentary with an abbreviated annotation.